Taiwan is a land of world-renowned manufacturers and global companies

Wirksam International Production LLC. was based in Taiwan, the land of world renowned manufacturers and global companies.

WIRKSAM started as a small workshop specializing in producing spare parts for different types of vehicles for the broadest range of existing brands.

However, as years passed we narrowed our production line to transmissions and reduction gears components and spare parts, maintaining high-quality standards.

Long story short

About Us

Quality standards
and rapid growth

Keeping in mind a constantly growing level of competition in our business area, we pay extra attention to investing in production speed and maintaining standards of quality at the same time.

Research and development ( R&D )

Our second-to-none engineers are working around the clock in order to discover new methods and opportunities in improving production technologies.

Improve in order to achieve

We are constantly improving our technologies for we believe that we will be able to compete with world-leading manufacturers only through permanent control.

What's next ?

Nowadays our company has significantly expanded its production capabilities and can offer more goods each year. We proudly preserve our high-quality standards which help us to keep our market position stable and highly competitive amongst the other manufacturers all over the world.

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